Last updated May 2005. I am not currently looking for opportunities.

Peter Bradshaw

Date Of Birth
23 February 1975

Nationality and Immigration Status
British, US H1B visa valid thru Sept 2006.

My Aim

To write software that solves interesting problems and that people find useful.

Key Experience

  • 12 years working in teams on computing projects in commercial environments
  • 20 years of programming experience
  • Large-scale software design experience
  • Network media transport design
  • Good communication skills with programmers, designers and management
  • 4 years games industry experience, based in Japan and the UK


  • Operating Systems: Windows 95-XP, Linux, PalmOS 3.1.
  • Languages: C++, Perl, Lua, PHP, Java, Javascript. I dabble in Embedded Python.
  • SDK's: MFC, Windows API, Linux and Windows IP networking, DirectX/Direct Sound, PostgreSQL (Perl::DBI and php interfaces)
  • Tools: CVS, Flash, Photoshop, Dreamweaver.

Work History

Software Engineer - Interval Media, Palo Alto, CA USA (formerly Interval Research Corporation)
October 2000 - present

At Interval Media I worked on the development of client and server software for phone and videophone services that run Windows PC's and Cable TV set-top Boxes. A recent news release can be seen here. My responsibilities included:

  • Code to dynamically tune audio codecs, video codecs, and network transmission techniques to deal with changes in network conditions and source material.
  • Creation of UI for the products using two different 3rd party API's (both under Linux).
  • Getting the code for a Set-top box UI to ship quality.
  • A set of simple perl-based scripts to collect, collate and log information submitted by client software to facilitate debugging and report generation.
  • Integrated RFC 2833 compliant DTMF RTP transmission into a SIP based telephony product.
  • Implemented G.711 Appendix I voice packet loss concealment and added modifications to deal with alternative packet sizes.
  • Involved in designing firewall penetration strategies, windows UI coding and communication service concept work

Web Developer - Interactive Investor International, London UK
April 2000 - October 2000

At Interactive Investor I was responsible for the generation of charts of stock prices using server-side Perl scripts. Financial feed, news feed and per-user data were combined to add user-defined triggers and news events to charts. I also researched and implemented Technical Analysis tools and indicators. It's quality led Investors chronicle to call it "the best web-based chart service" (8-14 September 2000 issue pg.43) (image)

Tools Programmer, and later Tools Team Leader - Psygnosis (a division of Sony Computer Entertainment), Camden UK
January 1998 - March 2000

I was responsible for the Level Editor for the game Team Buddies released on PlayStation in Q3 2003. Working with other programmers, artists and designers I negotiated requirements and implemented features. It was written in C++ using MFC and Quasar, a proprietary renderer which sat on top of OpenGL and Direct3D. I supported the five people who successfully used the software on a day-to-day basis.

In 1999 my role broadened and I became the leader of a team of three. We had two projects targeting the soon to be released PlayStation 2: Maya extensions to help with the building of game levels, and an advanced landscape editor, based on fractal, Perlin noise and geological formation techniques.

Software Engineer - Alan Snow Designs, Bath UK
September 1996 - November 1997

Alan Snow is an award winning children's book illustrator. My main task at ASD was to develop custom tools to work with the Quake engine using a combination of Visual Basic, Visual C++ and QuakeC. As the technical part of a team of 3, I worked intensely for 7 months towards the creation of a demo of "Here Be Monsters". In all aspects of development, my role was to balance between hardcoding features and developing tools so that my colleagues could build functionality themselves.

Programmer - OPeNBooK Co. Ltd., Roppongi-ku, Tokyo, Japan
August 1995 - September 1996 (Work Placement)

I worked closely with Yoot, CEO and founder of OPeNBooK Co. Ltd. on the development of a prototype for an Airport Simulation game. I received high level, conceptual direction, and was responsible for all aspects of design and implementation, as well as organizing artwork production. I enjoyed creative sessions where I had a dual role. Whilst discussing possible game features, I had to simultaneously consider possible implementations to provide development time and performance estimates.

The prototype was implemented under Windows95 using Visual C++, DirectX and Direct 3D. I was the only non-Japanese person working at OPeNBooK. This led to me gaining a working knowledge of the language, culture and games industry.

Programmer - Open World Ltd. Bath UK
April 1994 - June 1995 (Whilst at University)

At Open World I significantly improved the production efficiency. When I joined the company skilled designers were doing large amounts of essential but repetitive work to produce travel information CD-ROMs. By writing Apple Script that extracted data from a database and controlled DeBabelizer, I created an automated process that needed only data entry and scanning skills, freeing the designers to work on new projects.

Relevant Personal Projects

Links to these projects can be found at

Go Elemental! Bath -
An interactive open-air educational project that ran in Bath, UK over the Christmas shopping weekend.

I worked with the artist (my sister) enabling the control of flash movies via SMS using a data cable and standard Nokia mobile phone.

Webcam Music Box -
A set of printed cards control the music in my house.

I wrote code to create custom pdf's based on web-scraped artwork. Code 39 Barcodes are read from a webcam image in an MFC app built from the ground up.

Final Scratch Record Box Editor -
An open-source music organization application that sat alongside a commercial product.

I created a fully featured MFC app to manipulate a reverse engineered music database format. Also included: audio analysis for accurate BPM measurement and MP3 file cleanup for a fussy 1.0 version of a commercial DJ mixing app. Two friendly chaps from Germany contributed to the project, one with code and another with documentation.
The app had around 200 users at its peak, with around 2500 downloads. Even now (in 2005) I still occasionally hear from users that are sticking with this older system due to its stability and simplicity.

Hexaflexagon Toolkit -
Import six pictures, then print a template and instructions for a folding toy.

I enjoyed the geometrical thinking involved in getting the folding to work. Written instructions and step-by-step diagrams were revised iteratively with the help of friends.

Yahoo! most e-mailed pictures tracker -
A graph shows the popularity of news photos e-mailed via yahoo.

I used perl to scrape data from the Yahoo site and build the image using GD. I'm unhappy with the kb size of the resulting piece; reimplementation in flash is an eventual aim.

Space Curling -
A PalmOS 3.1 Curling simulation game.

I created a stable 2D physics engine that simulates multi-puck collisions and ice friction using fixed point maths. The user is able to sweep the ice using the stylus to reduce the amount of friction. This affects the speed of the puck, and if done skillfully, its direction.


October 1993 - July 1997
BSc. In Computer Software Technology at Bath University UK (2:1)

Subjects Covered:

Programming Language Implementation Techniques (Compilers and interpreters)
Applications of Logic (AI)
Software Techniques (Large Group Project based on MS Access)
Networking (LAN, internet + intranet protocols and applications)
Advanced Computer Graphics (3D geometry + rendering)
Hardware Architectures and compilation (Low level Optimization)

My final project was a distributed multi-location, multi-user environment based on an agent technology implemented in Scheme (a lisp dialect). The front end was a Java applet that ran in a browser and connected via TCP. The back end was distributed across four Silicon Graphics Indy Workstations. Final Mark 77%

January 1984 - July 1993
Pocklington School, Pocklington, East Yorkshire UK

A grade at A-level in Maths, Further Maths, Physics, General Studies, Electronics (AS level)

Other Interests


I have been collecting records for 15 years and have FM radio and nightclub experience.


I currently cycle to and from work. I find it much more effective than caffeine as a pick me up.


I'm a big fan of video games, and don't get to play board games as often as I'd like.

Self education

Current interests include Mathematics, DSP and Philosophy.

I hold clean American and British driving licenses

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